Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Trip to Kukke Subrahmanya

Kukke Subrahmanya is a place of pilgrimage, which lies in Western Ghat covering Kumara Parvatha hill and Bisle Ghat. It is 290 km South West of Bangalore. It takes around 8 hrs to reach there from Bangalore. We took a night bus from Bangalore to Mangalore, we got down at a place called Gundal Check post. From there we took a State bus to Kukke. This was the first time in our life, We experienced the bus travelling in a river, because of the bridge under construction. While crossing the river, the bus silencer hit a rock under the river, from then on the bus sound was like an Jet plane. After sometime bus breakdown in middle of a rubber plantation. We relaxed there and took some photos around the plantation, till the arrival of next bus to Kukke.
Places around Kukke Subrahmanya is a trekkers delight. Kumara Parvatha hills stand 4000 feet above sea level, is one of the difficult trekking route in Karnataka. A 30 km upstrech trek into the deep forest from Kukke Subramanya town takes you to the top of the hill. It will take at least two days for a beginner to complete this trekking route.

Bisle ghat, to reach this place you need to travel 28 km uphill from Kukke Subrahmanya. We took a jeep from Kukke to Bisle ghat for Rs.700. It takes at least 2 hours to reach the top, because there was so much to see on your way to Bisle ghat. The first stop was a Kali temple. People who travel through this ghat, believe that you have to first worship the goddess Kali in this temple before traveling further for a safe journey( from Wildlife and accident).
After few hairpin bends, we reached a bridge. Water flows down under the bridge forming a stream. We spend around an hour under the bridge taking photographs and enjoying the nature around us. There were honey bees, different types of plants and fruits in the surrounding areas.
After few kilometers of traveling from the bridge, we reach a small tower from where we can view the valley. We were actually travelling this place in the hot summer month(June), but none of us were tired, because of the fresh breeze and breath taking view of the ghat. Our jeep driver told us, if we are in the same tower in the winter season, then you will be touching the clouds.
The forest department has constructed a bridge at the edge of the mountain on top of the ghat, from where you can see the gigantic Kumara Parvatha hills and beauty of bisle ghat.
The view from the bridge is breathtaking. A river was flowing underneath flourishing the area around. Our jeep driver told us you that can sight minimum five waterfalls if we come here during the monsoon. And if you are lucky you can even spot animals drinking water from the river. But we were lucky enough to spot a couple of cows grazing in the meadow. The trip to the Bisle ghat inspired us enough to scale the Kumara Parvatha hill in our forthcoming trip.

The Subrahmanya temple is situated in the bottom of the Kumara Parvatha hill, surrounded by greenery. It is the first destination for childless couples in Karnataka. The temple was built in Kerela style. Rules are all the same as you find in the kerela temples. Male devotees can only enter the temple bare chested.
Kukke Subrahmanya is a small place so don’t expect a five star accommodation there. There are only few places to stay, so book well in advance. Hotel Mayura Residency is a good place to stay. By the time we went almost all the hotels in the town were filled. We had no other options except to stay in a hotel(so called house), which charged us Rs. 500 per day.
Hotel New Mysore Cafe and GuruKrupa on the temple road offer delicious udupi tiffin. Apart from that they served a falooda type desert named “Gutbutt”, which energized our tired mind and soul in an instance.
Next day, we boarded a bus going to Bangalore around 9 a.m. Since it was a day travel, we thought of cover a place called Sravanabelgola on our way to Bangalore. So we got down at the place called Hassan, from there you get bus to Sravanabelgola every 30 minutes.
Sravanabelgola is a important pilgrimage centre for Jains. A world famous giant monolithic statue of Gomateswara, 60 feet high, carved out of granite in 981 AD.
To see this status you have to climb the hill called Vindhyagiri Hills, Which is very tough and hot in the summer months. So if you have any plans to visit this place, I strong recommend to go in the winter season.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr.Vasanth for your information about Kukke Subrahmanya. It would have been usefull if you have given the ph no of hotel Mayura there.

naveen said...

i have been to sravanbelegula , its nice place , you post is good keep it up do well

Sharat said...

Nice information... But I have a doubt regarding Bisle ghat.. I am planning to go from Sakaleshpura side. Whether we have to trek to reach Bisle ghat or the vehicle goes till the top? What are my other options? I want to camp on top of Bisle ghat for a night. Thanks in advance...

Vasanth said...

Hi Sharat, Bisle ghat is accessable thru road; u don't have to trek 2 go to that place. You can catch a bus from sakleshpur to kukke. If ur interested in trek in Kukke area, try trekking in the terrains of Kumara Parvata, which is exactly in the backdrop of the temple

Anonymous said...
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Raksha Varma said...

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